By clicking on contributors on the main menu of a project, you will access the list of all users of the project. If you have enough rights on this project, you will be able to add & delete users from the project and modify the rights of the users.

Rôles & rules

  • Viewer : you can access to all pages (except project settings) with no possibility of creation or edition
  • Contributor : viewer rights + you can edit and create resources inside the project
  • Admin : contributor rights + you can manage users and modify project properties

Add & delete

If you are admin in a project, you can manage users into your project.

In order to add a user, you have to enter into the top left field the collaborator email, set his right using the dropdown menu and click on the “invite this collaborator”. Please note that you can only invite collaborators that have already a account.

In order to change the rights of a user into the project, into the list, you just have to select the new role using the dropdown. In order to be sure that the project and users properties can be manage at least one collaborator have to be admin of the project.

In order to remove a collaborator from the project, use the trash button on the left side of the list.

image alt text

Project settings

If you are admin on a project, the project settings button is enabled and, by clicking on it, you will access the project setting page.

image alt text

You can on this page :

  • update name, description and color of your project
  • delete the project. Please note that if you delete a project, all ressources linked to the project will be deleted (usecases, datasets, deployed models…)